"Kelsey excels at everything she does. Piano is just one of many virtues."


"Kelsey was my daughter's first ever piano teacher and we both fell in love with her.

She put my daughters nerves at ease and created a fun comfortable environment for her to learn in. We were sad to see her move on, but even with distance between us, she still keeps in contact. I would recommend her to anyone & if you are lucky enough to be taught by her you are sure to go far. "


"Kelsey is a brilliant piano teacher.

Monty loves her and loves her piano lessons. Kelsey is a beautiful and charming and first class teacher to Monty. Brilliant and excellent. Monty looks forward to Kelsey's lessons and teaching games and unique way of teaching and engaging children. Kelsey is a unique and a brilliant teacher. "


"My daughter is really enjoying her lessons, Kelsey makes it fun and engaging by including games and lots of positive energy!! "


"I have always wanted to learn to play Piano.

I had never been given lessons before in any instrument other than the recorder at school. I couldn't read sheet music and I had doubts about my ability and whether I would be able to learn. I work in the hustle bustle of city life and have very little time outside of work and other hobbies.

A friend of mine suggested I speak to Kelsey when I mentioned I wanted to do something calming and relaxing and completely removed from my work stress. We began weekly lessons(at times that suited me) and she was very patient with my learning speed as I was doing something I wasn't really used to.

Now I can read sheet music and have progressed quite quickly and further along than I thought possible when starting out initially.

I highly recommend Kelsey to anyone at all, whether it be children, students or people who work full time and want to learn something new and relaxing."


"I am so grateful to find the best piano teacher in town.

My daughter learns so much and quickly at her lesson. Kelsey is so perfect with my daughter I'm so amazed at how much my daughter learns and loves playing piano and the games. She's always looking forward to her lessons each week. Again I will recommend you to all my friends and family if they have anyone finding interest in piano Kelsey is the one. Keep up the awesome job Kelsey... "


Kelsey is amazing with my daughter. She looks forward to her lesson every week!


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