Lesson Formats

Post date: Mar 18, 2018 5:20:08 AM

My lessons for children generally comprise of three parts.

1. Practical - generally at the very beginning of the lesson we start having the student show me what they've worked on in practice over the past week. Going through each of the (usually) 1 to 3 pieces that they have on the go at any time, we spend time fine tuning techniques and enhancing musicality of the parts they already know and then begin on the next part or section.

2. Theoretical - we go over the theory exercises they've worked on in practice of the past week. Using the whiteboard we might address a theoretical issue in a piece that is being learnt or introduce a new topic.

3. Game - Building on topics that arise in the practical and/or theoretical parts of the lesson we play a game that expands on the topic in a fun way.