About Us

The Owner: Mrs Kelsey Anderson A.Mus.A.G.M.

Kelsey began playing the piano at the age of nine. Even though considered a relatively late beginner, she quickly fell in love with music and the instrument and this set her on a path that had music link itself permanently into her life. Her musical interest called her to take up the saxophone through her primary school instrumental program at the age of ten. She continued to play the saxophone all the way through to grade 12, achieving a AMEB 5th grade standard and constantly performing - as a solo, in ensembles and in the concert and stage bands - in school musical appreciation evenings and entering in high school band competitions including the Brisbane Schools Band Festival where the band had the honour of receiving Bronze, Silver and Gold rankings in various years. Kelsey's dedication and achievements to learning the saxophone meant that she was recognised in her final year of high school with the Senior Instrumental Music Award.

The aforementioned musical evenings also gave Kelsey an opportunity to showcase her other musical talents, namely on the piano, but also singing and playing the guitar. She takes a modest pleasure in writing some of her own songs which she simply accompanies on the guitar. Additionally, Kelsey has provided music for a number of events and performed numerous times throughout her formal education.

In 2008 Kelsey was successfully awarded to opportunity to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Ambassador to Canada. Here she was lucky enough to continue to develop her musical experiences. She participated in bands again playing the alto saxophone, but also took part in numerous theatrical plays both as an actor and as the live piano accompaniment for some of the shows. Whilst in Canada she also took the opportunity to perform at official Rotary events, including a district conference, and at local open mic nights for youth in the city she lived in. Upon her return to Australia in 2009, Kelsey was sought out for her talents in public speaking and performance to play the role of Master of Ceremonies for numerous official school events.

Kelsey also has a stong involvement in serving the community as she is an active member of the Rotaract club of Sunnybank and is a nominee for the role of Young BPW Representative for the Business and Professional Women club of Brisbane.

In 2011 Kelsey sat her exam for Certificate of Music from the Australian Guild of Music, and she passed with honours.

In 2013 She passed her 5th Grade Theory of Music exam and in 2014 Kelsey received her Associate Diploma of light classical recital through the Australian Guild of Music.

Kelsey is currently studying her Associate Diploma of Teaching Piano.

Kelsey gains a great pleasure from teaching others the joy of music as she knows it.